4 Factors that influence your cricket betting online

You must learn a set of terms and factors before diving into any cricket betting online. Here are the nine most important factors that will help you select the right bets.

1. Format

There are three main formats that cricket is played:

Test: Test cricket is the oldest format where the teams compete in a five-day match. The goal is to test the endurance of both teams to the fullest.

ODI: One-day international or ODI is a limited overs match comprising 50 overs an innings, played in a single day. Unlike Test matches where the game ends before the evening sets in, ODI matches are played during the day and the night.

T20: It is also referred to as 20-20, and T20 is the shortest cricket format. The format has only twenty overs in an innings and was only recently launched in 2003.

Why is it important to know the format?

For example, consider the 2021 records of England. It is having a good spell in all the formats and has won multiple series against several teams. Therefore, you can safely assume a good performance from England in any format.

But not all teams perform well across all formats. Each team has its strength in a certain format. Bangladesh does not have a strong Test line-up and performs its best in the T20s, while Sri Lanka performs better in Tests than in limited overs cricket.

It is important to know these format dynamics to improve your online cricket betting skills.

2. Team Players

When learning how to bet on cricket, you need to know the stats from the past matches, and strengths or keymen of the team players included in the playing squad. For batsmen, keep yourself updated with stats like the strike rate, average score, and batting partnerships. For bowlers, keep track of the economy and the wickets taken by them.

Cricket is a game where tables can turn fast, but knowing the team players certainly helps predict the match better to place calculated bets. Such an approach towards betting also increases the winning probabilities as you will place bets after analysing the player performances rather than choosing with luck randomly.

3. Pitch Conditions

The pitch or the stadium plays a critical role in deciding the match score and how many wickets you can expect from the match.

If it is a black-soil pitch, the target score will not be too high as such pitches favour bowlers, especially spinners. If a pitch has grass coverage, it will favour pacers and batsmen; pacers because the grass assists them in the bounce and speed required to get quick wickets; and batsmen because they can use the bounce to knock some boundaries and chart a good score.

4. H2H Records & Past Performances

One of the most effective ways to smartly place bets is to look at the H2H (head-to-head) records between the teams and analyse their past performances.

H2H records show how many matches have been played between the teams and how many matches each team has won.

It is easy to find such records and stats on the internet, and following a few steps on researching such information should do well for designing your betting strategy.