How to bet on cricket online?

If you think online betting is just about adding money to your wallet, selecting any odd, and confirming the bet, then you are highly mistaken. There are several steps that help you place successful cricket bets online. And to that end, we have arranged all the cricket betting tips and guides you’ll need to place an informed wager. So make sure you check that out.

Know the basic rules and series

Unlike playing the sport itself, understanding the skills and knowing how the game works can lead you to win bets. Cricket is a complex sport that has significantly evolved over the years. The rules have changed several times, new formats have been increased, and its scale has grown to an unprecedented level.

You must learn a set of terms and factors before placing bets on any cricket match. Here are the nine most important factors that will help you select the right bets.

Set a limit on your bankroll

There is no physical exchange of money in online betting, and deposit is extremely fast and simple now, thanks to the technology. If you start betting without a well-set limit, you may end up spending more money than you imagine.

Therefore, it is necessary to estimate how much money you can use for your cricket betting online.

Always do teams’ research before the match

In addition to study the past stats and H2H records, always do a quick match analysis before the game begins. Take a look at the weather reports to get an idea of the dew intensity and rain forecast. Both these factors play a role in determining the game strategy and the toss selection of the teams, and can help you win cricket betting online.

Also, keep an eye on the playing squad since it is usually announced just a day or two before the match, and sometimes even on the day of the match. Mind the sudden changes and practice injuries, since it might cause the strategy of teams.

Put at least 2 betting sites in your pocket

One big mistake beginners make while learning how to bet on cricket online is not registering with the right set of bookmakers. You must take a look at a range of factors before deciding on your preferred bookmakers.

It is recommended that you register accounts with more than one betting site to take advantage of the best odds from different sites. A single bookie cannot provide you with the best betting odds in all the cricket betting markets. Therefore, having multiple accounts does help.

Another essential point to remember is that you only want to play with legit bookmakers if you’re trying cricket betting from outside India.

Pick Your Betting Markets

Cricket is one of the most followed sports worldwide. Add to it the dynamics of the game, and you have a host of betting markets from which you can make a selection. Betting sites also develop new odds for special tournaments to keep their customers hooked and excited.

Here are some common and popular cricket bets:

  • Top batsman
  • Match winner
  • Man of the match
  • Over/under score
  • Most wickets

Place your cricket bets

Once you have chosen the betting site and the bets, what’s your next step?
Then you shall start to place your first bet– select the odds and submit the bets. Watch the match and see how your prediction goes.

Make a personal tracker to monitor bets

It is important that you keep track of all your bets during the match so that you can make adjustments on the bet or cash out if needed. This habit is especially important when you place bets with multiple betting sites. It also helps you to check that you have not missed out on placing any bets.