Why cricket betting odds is important?

Since the concept of cricket betting odds is a little bit abstract, we will explain this point with an example of two punters to underscore the influence of getting the best cricket betting odds, and how to understand cricket betting rates a bit more.

Suppose we have two punters: Rahul & Sajan.

Both are experienced bettors and have the ability to pick out winners at a good rate – for instance, 70%. This simply means seven of their 10 selections are expected to be correct and win the money.

Now, on an average, Rahul gets cricket betting odds of 1.80 across markets, while Sajan – who has searching around at several bookmakers — gets slightly better odds at 2.20. Suppose both want to bet on the T20 World Cup series, and they will bet on 40 matches over the course of the tournament. Therefore, with their winning rate of 70%, this would leave both with 28 winning bets (70% of 40 games) and 12 losing bets.

Considering Rahul and Sajan are betting ₹1,000 on each game, the end result would be something like this:

Rahul’s Net Winnings

[28 x 0.8] + [12 x (-1)] = 10.4 x ₹1,000 = ₹10,400

Sajan’s Net Winnings

[28 x 1.2] + [12 x (-1)] = 21.6 x ₹1,000 = ₹21,600

Now, that is a difference of more than ₹10,000, which you could be missing out on simply because you aren’t searching the best cricket betting odds around enough.

Of course this is an opportunity cost – something you cannot avoid in online cricket betting. However, if you can get better value (theoretically proven) just by comparing the best cricket betting odds, there’s absolutely no reason not to do it.