Best Online Cricket Betting Tips & Guides for Beginners 2023

Cricket is one of the oldest and most popular sports, which can be dated back to England in the 18th century. Cricket Betting is a type of sports betting, and it is based on the details and conditions of cricket matches.

There is a lot of series of cricket around the world, that is to say, there are also a large number of Cricket Betting markets. If you are a big fan of IPL matches, then you can choose it as your first try at Cricket Betting.

How Does Online Cricket Betting Work?

Cricket betting has existed for a long time, and thanks to technology now you can place a cricket bet on a mobile phone or laptop in only a few seconds. A lot of Sportsbook in India offer APPs for punters to place cricket bets online.

There are some common options for online cricket betting and mostly divided into 2 parts.

Based on the result of cricket matches

Match Betting/Complete Match/Tied Match
Series Winner/Over or Under Score/Series Score

Based on the performance of cricket players

Innings Run/Top Bowler/Top Batsman
Team of Top Batsman/Bowler Match Bets/Batsman Match Bets
Odd or Even Runs/Most Run Outs/Man of the Match/Player of the Series

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How to Start a Cricket Betting?

Don’t worry if you are new to Cricket betting online. Cricketmixed provides all the useful information you need and makes your gaming easier. We make it easier to start cricket betting.

Here are only 4 steps for a beginner to start Cricket betting:

  1. Find a suitable betting site and register an account.
  2. Deposit sufficient funds.
  3. Find the market and odds you want.
  4. Place the bet.

You might say: “ Wait, is it really that easy? ” YES!!!

Once you have placed your first bet, it’ll be easier.

However, Cricket betting is actually more than that. The difference between a winner and a loser is the effort before placing a bet. You’ll always need more and more information like statistics or ranking to decide which odds to bet.

Before starting to place a bet, you might need–

  1. Study the stats of teams and players.
  2. Know the trending news on your focus market
  3. Understand how the money goes in the betting website you choose

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What do you need for Online Cricket Betting?

cricket betting

Watching Cricket Matches

You need to choose at least one cricket series or match as your target market. If you are an online cricket betting starter, ODI or any international match will be easier.


Deciding Banking Methods

You will need to deposit or withdraw your money, so there are a lot of banking methods that sportsbook offers. Choosing the most convenient one brings you a nice online betting experience.


Selecting a Bookmaker

Selecting a sportsbook aka the online cricket betting site that is suitable for your demand is also one of the important parts of your online cricket betting journey.


Mobile Devices

If you use your mobile phone a lot just like any other else in India, then finding an online cricket betting provider who offers a smooth App will be a point for you to be concern.

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It actually depends on where you are placing bets, and the laws for legality might be different from place to place. Here is what we know so far: There are no federal laws that prohibit online betting in India, but a few states have explicit laws against online betting. 

There are not any cases on record of Indian players being prosecuted for online cricket betting, so unless you live in a state which explicitly prohibits online gambling, you are free to try out online betting from India.

We still advise you to check the online betting laws of your state or area before you dive into the giant world of online cricket betting.

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